Welcome to the Library

Welcome to the Library!

Sorry itís a little bare at the moment. Itís very much under construction, and Iíll get to it soon. Life is a little busy right now though.

To contact me, e-mail:

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Explanation for the lack of a hyperlink:

I like my e-mail accounts spam free. There are people out there who have automatic programs that crawl the web, looking for e-mail addresses on web pages, newsgroups, etc.

They gather these into files and sell these files full of e-mail addresses to the people who send spam e-mail. So, if you put your e-mail address out there it can get used in this way and thatís really annoying. But you still need to give out your e-mail address to real people, so that they can talk to you.

One way to still put your e-mail out there and not have it picked up by a webcrawler is to put it in a format that people can read and machines canít: an image. So, you can read it and retype it into your ďtoĒ box, but a program sees nothing but an image file and ignores it.